Sunday, November 25, 2012

Survivor Story - Mike Wett's Story

Before you get started on Mike Wett's survivor story I have late breaking news that is a shameless plug for our new Camp web store designed and developed by our very own Lauren Kramer, Camp Coordinator and programmer extraordinaire. The following notice is from the Retreat and Refresh Stroke Camp Facebook site:
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Ok, now on with this interview that Chuck Hofvander conducted before his bicycle accident. While you're reading that I'm going over to the Camp Store to do some shopping.

by Chuck Hofvander

Early on the morning of 9/22/2008 Mike had just finished walking his dog when he became dizzy and disoriented. He sat down to regain his senses, he never got up.  Mike had suffered a stroke at 48 years old.

Mike's wife to find his truck still parked in the driveway. She immediately ran outside and found him collapsed in the front yard.  She screamed for their daughter to call 911.  They did not want to lose Mike, his brother had passed away of heart disease early in life. Mike had exercised regularly, ate a nutrional diet and had a good job. He suffered from high blood pressure but nothing else.

Mike woke up at Alexian Brothers rehab hospital. Doctors told him he had a brain stem stroke; less than one percent of those suffering this type stroke survive or they become severely disabled. 

When Mike awoke he could not feed himself, speak, feel his entire right side, he lost hearing in one ear and had double vision.  Mike spent eight weeks as an in-patient.  When he was released he attended out-patient rehab for eight hours for six months and weekends brought additional homework.  Mike says he lived at rehab, it was his job to get better.

He continues to have numbness on his right side, slight aphasia, coordination and balance issues, hearing loss, and memory problems but Mike had beaten the stroke. He beat the odds.

Mike progress continues to this day, though not as dramatic. Mike says “Believe you can achieve your goal, be persistent.  Good Luck!”

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