Sunday, August 3, 2014

From Our Friends In China

Dear blog readers,

Dr. David Z. Wang, DO is our "go to" doctor for stroke related help and information. Dr. Wang is a Board Certified Vascular Neurologist with the Illinois Neurological Institute (INI). He is the Director of the INI Stroke Center & Network. He has led the INI Stroke Center to become the first JCAHO certified primary stroke center in the State of Illinois. Dr. Wang is also clinical associate professor of neurology and vice chairman of the department of neurology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria. He practices at Pekin Hospital in Pekin, Illinois and OSF St. Francis hospital in Peoria, Illinois. 

Here is an email Dr. Wang sent to the Stroke Team about the 5th Grade Education that has gone "International" since Dr. Dong took it back to China with her after her six months here in a Fellowship with INI.
Dear All,You should be very proud of what you have done in expanding your mission. Please see the attachment. Dr. Dong, who was here for 6 months, and went along with Jan (Jahnel) and TSD to do fifth grade education has done one school children education in Shanghai. This was the first!

The newsletter says:
Huashan hospital has collaborated with the Jinan neighborhood many times to provide medical education to the public. This time Dr. Dong gave a talk on “Getting to know about stroke”. People may be puzzled as to why teaching kids about stroke and would kids have trouble comprehend?

At the beginning of the talk, Dr. Dong answered this question. She said to the kids and their parents that stroke education to the fifth graders have been done often in the US. Since children are often having their adult parents or grandparents accompanied, once stroke happened to these adults, children can act upon quickly and save their lives. She also said that it is not difficult to understand stroke. After she talked about stroke in an easy to understand way, children understood her well. They especially paid attention to those stroke cases she illustrated. Children afterward realized that this lecture not only taught them about stroke, but also called upon their responsibility.

In order to let children have a feel how being handicapped would feel, she designed an experiment. She divided up those kids into four groups and asked them to either use one hand to write, fold a towel, put shoes on or get backpack ready. Kids realized that it is painful to complete these taking for granted daily routine if being handicapped by stroke. They had a better understanding whey there is an urgent need to save the brain from stroke.

Lastly, Dr. Dong said to them that stroke is preventable. She taught them that everyone should have a healthy lifestyle starting when they are young: exercise routinely, watch out for your diet, do not smoke, etc. She asked children to keep an eye on their parents on observing these healthy life styles.

Children loved her lecture and felt this time the theme is not only refreshing but offered useful information. They were really very involved. The neighborhoods and schools have decided to conduct more stroke education activities by the hospital so that more people can have a healthy life.

(The letter attachment follows for those of you who are fortunate enough to read the original in Chinese)




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