Sunday, May 22, 2016

Iowa: Our Season Has Begun!

Our season has begun! We already have four camps under our belt. 

Camp is all about being yourself and embracing life again when stroke works overtime... Stroke survivors and caregivers need a break from the stress of everyday life. They even need a break from each other! We know that survivors need to engage with other survivors. Caregivers need the same outlet. Our three-day weekend camps blend all the essential ingredients of what "normal" folks enjoy. 

In April we did one in Iowa, in May we did one in Miami, Florida and this weekend we have two at the same time, one in Prescott, Arizona and one near Tucson, Arizona. So far we have 28 camps scheduled for this year and there are a few more pending. As I get photos from each camp I will post a few of them on this blog.
Today I'll showcase our first camp which was in Iowa:

It's still a bit early in the spring and the trees haven't quite filled out yet.

And maybe a wee bit chilly but those Iowans are a hardy bunch. 

And all of our activities are done indoors anyway except for this evening marshmallow roast and there may be some fishing during the day if anyone is up to it.

We started taking registrations at Camp Courageous around two o'clock Friday afternoon. Of course the volunteers started setting things up way before that. Like around eleven in the morning. 

As is customary we open every camp with a drum circle.

Here we have Kyle and Lindsey, 

two of our very experienced and talented music therapists, who were also the camp directors this weekend. 

Our theme this year is the 1980's.

We start by forming teams for the Saturday night 80's game show team competitions. 

Each team chooses a name and makes a poster.

More about Saturday night later but first I wanted you to see what else we do during the day.


                            We do crafts. 

We pamper you with massages 

                                   and nail polish.

And whatever the heck this is.
(Looks like hand waxing and head massages)

Camp Courageous also has a rock climbing wall as do a couple of our other camp locations. Yes, that is a stroke survivor stepping outside his comfort zone. That happens a lot at our camps. 

Remember I mentioned the 80's and Saturday night. 

And team games

Well I can't tell you everything. You'll just have to come to a camp and see for yourself what goes on there. The camp wraps up around noon Sunday and there is a lot more going on than I can show here. 

If I can get a hold of some pictures I'll show you next week what happened in Miami last week. Rest assured, I will eventually.

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