Sunday, December 22, 2019

Stroke Awareness

At the bottom of this article you will find a link to a series of videos about stroke and stroke recovery. They are available on the American Heart Association(AHA) web site. AHA has a wealth of information about stroke. We are not affiliated with AHA but, with their permission, I offer them to you on our United Stroke Alliance blog.

Our goal at United Stroke Alliance is to promote stroke awareness, how to recognize a stroke and what to do. We provide three programs to achieve this goal: Strike-Out-Stroke (SOS), Youth Education on Stroke and Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.

Strike-Out-Stroke (SOS)

Our SOS program is the nation’s largest awareness campaign – reaching MILLIONS of people with the lifesaving BEFASTER message! We take this message to thousands of people attending major and minor league baseball games – a captive and passionate audience. Our goal is to teach the signs of stroke and how they could strike, so BEFASTER and call 911. We deliver our messages on the field, on signage at ball fields, handing out flyers and info, news interviews and radio spots!

Since 2014, we have reached live – over 3.2 million game attendees, and over nearly 40 million impressions from radio, web and other news media. We are striving to double those numbers in the next 2 years, but we need your help to spread the word – and generate more funds to keep striking out stroke. We also plan to grow the programs into the National Basketball Association, National Football League, World Racquetball Tour and Major League Soccer and much more. Stay tuned for more exciting sponsors and sports heroes and more!


     Sudden loss of balance

     Sudden blurry or loss of vision

     Sudden numbness, one side drooping - can you smile?

     Sudden weakness in arms - can you raise both?

     Slurred or mumbling speech

     Call 911 NOW!


   Get to the ER by ambulance they know what to do FASTER!

Youth Education on Stroke

Our Youth Education on Stroke Awareness program has proven to be extremely effective in classrooms and helped save lives in families! We teach a curriculum around prevention and awareness in 5th grade classrooms as part of the health & wellness program and now hope to share this program worldwide. Our youth has the ability to learn very easily! Our new site has referral programs and forums to teach learn and share stories of success, along with hero of the month nominations for those great people, students and teachers that help spread the word and save lives.

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp

The Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp program was first developed in 2004 by Marylee & John Nunley (Executive Directors) following John’s stroke in 2001. They realized a dire need for a program that could help stroke survivors and their care providers in many ways cope with the many challenges of stroke. The mission of this program – is to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors, caregivers, and families through relaxing weekend retreats. Such activities include, group discussion, speakers, music, games and massage, dance, swimming, fishing and craft activities to stimulate the body, mind and spirit!

Click the link below to see the AHA video.

AHA Youtube Video