Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flower Power - Send a Stroke Survivor to Camp

We are doing Flower Power again for 2013 please go here visit the 2013 Flower Power site:

Before I begin today's blog about our new fundraiser - yes, I guess we have to run commercials, too, however, ours help deserving people in need -  I wanted to let you know how the Megabrain and Learning Center (ELSIE) display went Saturday. ELSIE and her Megabrain were located near the lower entrance of Sears in the Peoria Northwoods Mall, Saturday (3/10/12) from 10am to 7pm.

In my opinion, it was phenomenal. We counted nearly 1,800 people who walked through the Megabrain. That's 1,800 people who have an increased awareness of strokes, stroke symptoms and prevention.  No telling how many took ELSIE's quiz offered through her table display and four laptop computers. 

The Illinois Neurological Institute of OSF St. Francis Hospital had a table there also with many informational booklets and handouts. They also provided Gummy Brains that we gave to the children when they completed ELSIE's quiz. You'd be surprised at how smart and computer savvy these kids are today.

There is a terrific article in Sunday's (3/11/12) Peoria Journal Star - State and Local section, first page, and an exciting video of yours truly (I'm so shameless!) at the following link, accompanied by the newspaper article. Click here:  MEGA-Brain Video

Thank you to all who helped us with making this a success. We had an excellent volunteer turnout and we are so grateful for you unselfish volunteers. 

Now, on with this weeks blog... 

Send a Stroke Survivor to Camp
by Liz Hofvander and Marylee Nunley

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know that your purchase of lovely spring plants will also send a stroke survivor to camp?  

Get a head start on container plantings right now. Purchasing from Flower Power provides not only great plants and bulbs delivered right to your door, but also helps stroke survivors as well.  

By purchasing from: (click here) --->  Stroke Camp Flower Power
you are helping to provide a camping experience to stroke survivors and their caregivers.  The profits from this fundraising event will go directly into the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp™ scholarship fund which will provide financial support to send stroke survivors and caregivers to camp.  Order now knowing you are helping others improve their quality of life.  Happy shopping!  

Orders placed by Tuesday, April 2nd will be delivered about Sunday, April 15th.

Check out the website for more information on the camps and to see the many locations around the nation where Stroke Camps will be held in 2012. 

This is the perfect time to start creating an inviting habitat for your garden visitors while surrounding your home with beautiful flowers. Our fundraiser  Stroke Camp Flower Power  provides a great opportunity to kick off the new growing season without leaving your home. 

Begonia’s and Mignon dahlias look gorgeous in pots for months. Get a head start on container plantings right now. Remember every plant is guaranteed to bloom beautifully.

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