Sunday, August 19, 2012

Iron Man - A Golfer's Delight Plus MEGA BRAIN

by Chuck Jones


October 3, 2012 is the date that's been set for this year's Ironman Golf.  It will again be at Hillcrest Golf Center in Washington, IL. If anyone is interested in joining us, getting pledges, and golfing from 7:00 am until dusk, please give a call to the Stroke Camp office at 309-688-5450.  

Yep, you read that right. If you want to join us, you will have to golf non-stop from 7am until dusk. Now what golfer doesn't dream of that? Pledges will be by total holes played, so the faster you play the more holes you play and the more holes you play the more the stroke survivors will benefit. 

If we get enough players and pledges, we can even close the course and have it all to ourselves. If not, as in past years, our pledge golfers have priority on the course and golfers who are not part of our group graciously stand aside and let us play through.  

Also, if you wish to support our golfers, we would appreciate any help you can provide. We need cart drivers, food and drink for the golfers, pledges solicited, golf balls, tees. Stuff like that. 

This has been a great fund-raiser for the past four years! Fore! 

So, please give a call to the Stroke Camp office at 309-688-5450

And here's another Fund raiser we had:
For the second year, Pat and Dawn Robinson have organized a golf outing that promotes stroke awareness and benefits Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp™.  This year the outing was held at Pine Lakes  on June 8th.  Almost 100 golfers teed up trying to win some of the prizes that were awarded. The fundraiser brought in over $2,000 to benefit stroke survivors who attend stroke camp.

At the closing of the event, the Chime Strokers, our stroke survivor/caregiver chimes choir, entertained the golfers followed by the awarding of prizes and raffle items.

It was a great time and a beautiful day that was perfect for golf.  A big thank you to Pat and Dawn along with all those who golfed and participated in any way.  Hope to see you next year.



Since March 2012, Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp has been exhibiting the MEGA Brain in different communities across the country.  The Brain has been to Kansas City twice, Peoria, IL, and Phoenix, AZ.  By the end of the year, it will also be at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, IA the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, CO and the KC Black Expo. The exhibit along with the Stroke Learning Center, created by Chuck Jones, has attracted literally thousands of people to the exhibit. Members of communities are learning about the functions of the brain as well as the signs and symptoms of stroke. Thanks to the generosity of Genentech, Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp is being recognized as a leader in educating the public about the prevention, signs and impact of stroke.

MEGA Brain Exhibit, Various Locations and Dates
Throughout the rest of the summer, you can visit the mega brain at these locations:
· August 3, Coralville, IA - Tax Fee Day at Coral Ridge Mall
· September 7, 8, 9 Kansas City, KC Black Health Fair
· September 2, Pueblo, CO at the State Fair

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