Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boyd Christy Peoria Il Staff

Boyd Christy  Peoria Illinois Staff
by Chuck Hofander

“Boyd, will you help me with this”. “Can you take me to the fire pit Boyd”? “Boyd can we go for a hike in the woods”. Boyd, Boyd, Boyd the request for his help is endless.
Boyd was one of the core group that established Stroke Camp and he works at most camps helping campers their luggage, driving campers to and from events, doing funny skits, and generally do whatever campers need.
Boyd has a history of being a long time camper and helping people. He and his family went to a Family Camp for 15 years and after that he became involved with a camp for children and young adults with cystic fibrosis; his son was born with this disorder. When he was approached about doing a Stroke Camp he said “it was a natural thing to do.” Boyd has been a Stroke camper since its birth.
Boyd has been disabled since the war in Vietnam and he say’s “I think that being physically challenged has given me an understanding of being disabled by stroke”. He continues “I can understand some of the challenges that stroke survivors face” he says “not getting around so much, not being able to want do you used to do, and the frustration of that.
Being disabled though doesn’t stop Boyd and I think he is a symbol of what stroke survivors can achieve. He walks with a limp and sometimes wears a brace to support his injured leg but his demeanor his actions seems to belay the fact that he is disabled.
You should admire Boyd for what he’s achieved. I think everybody he comes in contact does.


Anonymous said...

And I've been blessed to know and love him for more than 45 years. He was the handsome boyfriend of my older sister, way back then. I often forget to tell him how much his volunteerism means to me and to hundreds of others. You are a gift to me and to our camps. Let's keep on limping on!

Chuck J. said...

Maybe Boyd knows how many lives he's touched, maybe not. But I and a lot of other people do. Jesus said, in heaven his Father has many mansions and he goes to prepare one for us. There is no doubt in my mind that Boyd and Sarah's name is on the door of one of the bigger ones. Thanks so much you two!