Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/21/12 Update on Chuck Hofvander

by Chuck Jones

Good news about Chuck Hofvander. I wanted to publish this right away so I appoligize for pre-empting the Trivia Night posting. You can still see it by clicking on the link at the right of your screen or scrolling down past this posting.

Something to be thankful for today - I believe this comes from Brad, his son. Here is the latest email I recieved about Chuck's plight. Sounds like he's progressing:

"Thank you for all of your support as we move forward.

We’re slowly returning the house to its pre-accident condition: rugs and furniture are going back to their normal spots, pictures are being re-hung.

Chuck has lost weight as his taste buds have changed once again. Even Mom making his favorite meals are now unappealing. Thankfully he has never been shy about eating anything so he still eats. His hearing was tested by the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor and some of his hearing has returned. We noticed it around the house and he noticed it as well but we have confirmation. He can hear talking on the radio but music is still difficult for him. His speech has improved dramatically, coming close to where he was pre-accident.

“Impulsivity” is still his middle name. The therapist took Chuck outside for a short walk while Mom followed with the wheelchair. He had difficulty transitioning from sun to shade but overall did very well. Of course, he headed in one direction (according to him, the correct one) while the therapist had other ideas. He is quite the handful.

At the onset we were told he would receive home care therapy for five weeks. It has barely been three and they feel with his quick advances and progress, he is ready for outpatient therapy. Therefore, after Thanksgiving, he will return to Northwest Community three times per week for further therapy.

Happy Thanksgiving!"

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