Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camp Internet Store Officially Open

by Chuck Jones
Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp 
If you read last week’s blog post, you saw the notice where  

         The Stroke Camp Shop 
       is officially up and running  

We have opened this internet store to sell items with the Camp logo imprinted on them.  We noticed that at almost every camp people ask where they can get more Camp t-shirts, plus we are always in search of ways to advertise and raise money to support your camps.  This seems like a good way to address these needs.

Short Sleeve T-ShirtIf you’ve attended one of our camps, you know that we always give a Camp t-shirt to everyone who registers. Since space is limited in our van when we travel around the country, we carry only enough to supply each camper plus a few spares in case someone shows up unexpectedly.  When campers ask if it’s possible to purchase more for family and/or friends we are unable to accommodate them.

Well, we have come up with this solution that I hope satisfies your request.  We have implemented an internet store, designed and developed by our Camp Coordinator, Lauren Kramer.  Our new store address is:   (go ahead and click on it if you want, but please)
                                                           (come back to read the rest) 
Sport GrayThe store will feature our "Celebrate" collection of logowear. We are currently featuring hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeve t's and hats.  As things develop we may add additional items as well.


And as a bonus, from now until Christmas, you get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

As you know, it takes money to run a weekend camp that is over and above the registration fee.  Some of that money comes from sponsors such as hospitals and research centers but a lot of it comes from fund raisers we have throughout the year and from individual donations.  The advantage of this store is that it will be a fund raiser that will provide durable goods for everyone: campers, volunteers, friends, everyone and is available all the time.  

You will not only get quality merchandise but you will be helping hundreds of stroke survivors improve the quality of their lives for at least one weekend and beyond.

So please visit our store and see our selections. You might even see something that would make a nice Christmas gift.

If you have any suggestions as to what else you might be interested in seeing us offer, please let us know by posting a comment below or contact us through the “Contact Us” link near the top left of your screen.

Happy shopping!! (Okay, now you can click on the red link below and you don't have to come back if you don't want to.)

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