Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sarah Christy Crafts

[Editor's note: Sarah Christy is a member of the camp's Board of Directors. She and her husband, Boyd, are very active with camp activities and instrumental in its founding. She and Boyd are one of the main reasons the camp is so successful.]

 by Sarah Christy

My first experience of an organized “camping- type” experience was over 40 years ago.  Boyd and I were young parents with no money when we learned about a family camp experience through our church.  Each family had their own modern cabin with all the families gathering in the dining hall for delicious meals. There was plenty of opportunities to socialize while we enjoyed the swimming pool, campfires, volleyball games and lots of other traditional camp type experiences.  At that stage of life I was thrilled that someone else was going to cook the meals and do the dishes for a week.  This experience led us to start a camp for children and young adults with cystic fibrosis and eventually  we  became involved in helping  to start stroke camp.  From these experiences has come a lifelong love of the camping/retreat experience.

Programming has always been my passion at the camp.  I love the activities we do.  Dreaming up all the fun and laughter we can offer to the survivors and caregivers is a great pleasure.   Engaging with others in games, events, music, art and crafts all allow our participants to express themselves in ways that they may have lost .

Crafts is an area that I especially enjoy.  When I try to think back to all the things we have made over the years, it is hard to remember.   Everybody loves to paint…. wooden birdhouses have always been popular.  Then we discovered gourds and we made birdhouses out of gourds, we also did shakers and bowls out of gourds and I am still looking for more gourd art.   We have done jewelry, artificial flower arrangements, wreaths, scrap-booking, cards, stepping stones, and last year we made wind chimes out of flower pots. 

Craft making is more than the item that is packed up and taken home.  Crafts gives campers an opportunity to express themselves through color and design.  One of the best parts is looking around the table and seeing all of the different ideas.  As we sit and work, we enjoy giving and receiving encouragement from others.  And encouragement is one of the best things about camp…. so we are looking forward to 2013 and what you will great to create this year.

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