Sunday, February 17, 2013

Now What! Life After Stroke - DVD

by Chuck Jones

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I'm pretty excited about this. This DVD, owned, distributed and copyrighted by Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp is due to be released March 1, and will be available to you on our Internet store: .  The DVD is only $10 plus tax and shipping, and price breaks are available for people ordering quantities over 10 (call the Stroke Camp office for details at 877-688-5450).

You will get insights from survivors and caregivers, life affirming stories, educational and motivating testimonies, all this designed to uplift the spirits of those plunged into this life changing event called stroke.

This DVD was professionally made for us by ABS Productions, Denver Colorado. I have not reviewed this DVD in its present form but I have seen portions of some of the source videos. I will definitely be buying a copy for myself.

In addition to making them available to you, our intent is to get hospitals and other institutions interested in distributing this DVD with their other literature to stroke survivors and their caregivers as they are released from the hospital.

Take a look at some of the titles listed below and I hope it will pique your interest as it does mine. I copied the following information off a brochure developed by our camp staff: Marylee and Lauren. 

Insights from Survivors and Caregivers
An informational DVD for individuals, stroke centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities

DVD Categories:

The New Normal: Life After a Stroke
Family & Friends: Changing Roles & Relationships
I Need a Nap! Fatigue & Stroke
Darnit! I Know That Word: Dealing with Aphasia
Walking in Your Shoes: Advice FOR Caregivers FROM Caregivers
Facing the Public: Going Out in the World Again After a Stroke
Lean On Me: Stroke Support Groups/Stroke Camp
Five Dark Clouds: Depression, Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Anxiety
True Grit: Perseverance in Recovery
 Just One More Time: The Role of Exercise & Repetition in Recovery
 Creativity: Music & the Arts After a Stroke
 Faith & Inspiration: The Role of a Higher Power
 Don’t Forget to Laugh: The Power of Humor in Recovery
 Attitude & Motivation: Finding Joy Again
 Out Takes & Credits
An easy, effective, and economical means to communicate post stroke information to stroke survivors, caregivers, and family members

-Provide continuing support to stroke patients
-Enjoy over 3 hours of information and insights from health professionals, volunteers, stroke survivors, and caregivers
-Valuable and easy to understand
-Educate the general public about post-stroke life

“I wish I would have had this information when my husband had his stroke.”  -
Marylee Nunley, Caregiver
"What better way to assist stroke survivors and caregivers on their journey to recovery. This powerful video is packed with first hand knowledge offering hope and encouragement on living life after stroke" -
Jan Jahnel, Chief Stroke Nurse Coordinator for INI Comprehensive Stroke Center at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center 
Also available for mass quantities is the option to customize the DVD case and insert; call for customization prices.

For more information, contact:
Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp
866-688-5450 (M-F 8-5 CST)

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