Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sue Austin - Creating the Spectacle!

This week, instead of taking a few minutes of your time reading, I'd like you to spend that time watching this video I got off Youtube. For those of you who are wheel chair dependent, you will enjoy how this person was able to take advantage of that.

Sue Austin is an artist who began using a wheelchair in 1996 after an extended illness that affected her mobility. Later, when she started using it, she says she "felt an amazing sense of exhilaration at being free to speed through the streets, mobile again". However, she found that responses from other people toward her changed. She realized these responses arose from the negative preconceptions many people attach to the wheelchair. Through her art she wants to change that.

Click on the following link, and at the bottom of the page that comes up, be sure to click on the video button near the bottom. It's the little white triangle in the black square :

Then, to hear her tell her story and see her Part 1 video, play this Youtube video:



david miller said...

I am a big Sue Austin fan. I could watch her float thru the water underworld for hours - she is so elegant and amazing and so incredible to listen to - a true inspiration.

Chuck J. said...

David, Thank you for your comment. What she does amazes me and opens more questions. What's the power plant, how long can she run on one charge, how long did it take for her to learn such graceful control? So much to learn. She's a special lady for sure.

david miller said...

Yup absolutely amazing! I'm not sure how the power works - i should google that.