Sunday, November 10, 2013

Think FAST

Here's a little reminder for you for the coming holidays. Holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, are the most stressful of the year. They are also the most indulgent involving food and beverages. Did you know that alcohol consumption is greater at Thanksgiving than it is New Years Eve or St. Patrick's Day? I know, hard to believe, but true! Stress, overeating, alcohol, shoveling snow, now there is an invitation to stroke or heart attack. 

Please remember the following test shown below as you celebrate the coming holidays. You could save a loved one or even a complete stranger. Wouldn't that make your day? 

If you see any of these symptoms, don't delay. There is nothing I can stress more than: DO NOT think these symptoms will go away and you'll be fine after all, and not go to the hospital. I have heard of a couple of instances lately, one in my own family, where the person had the symptoms, then felt them go away and thought they were ok only to have them come back the next day but even worse. Remember, when there is a blockage to your brain it is estimated that 1.6 million brain cells are dying each minute. 

I think, in some cases, the person is afraid of the medical bill if the symptoms aren't really a stroke and insurance won't cover the expenses. Please don't take that chance. If you see these symptoms, you're having a stroke. Get to the hospital. I don't want to hear of you lying in a hospital bed unable to talk or move and you thinking, "Well, at least I saved $1,000 by not going in yesterday."

To Identify Stroke Symptoms 

Remember This Simple Lifesaving Test


[F] Face          - Ask the person to smile. 
                     Does one side of their face droop?"

[A] Arms       - Ask the person to raise both arms.

                     Does one arm drift downward?"

[S] Speech Ask the person to repeat a
                     simple phrase.

                     Is their speech slurred or sound 
                     strange? Do they have trouble
                     understanding you?

[T] Time        - Call 911 immediately. 

                     Brain cells are dying quickly. It is
                     estimated that 1.6 million brain
                     cells die every minute after blood
                     flow is cut off.

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