Sunday, July 27, 2014

Strike Out Stroke July 2014 Update

                        Thank You Genentech!

Because of you...
To date we are half way through our National Stroke awareness campaign.

• 11 Major league Strike Out Stroke events across the country.
• Over 600,000 fans have heard the F.A.S.T. message at their local baseball stadium.
• Over 50 stroke centers/hospitals have been involved.
• 11 first pitches’ thrown by stroke survivors of all ages!!
• Over 500 hundred volunteers across the country have “stepped up to the plate” to Strike Out Stroke!
• Thousands of F.A.S.T message T-shirt's and magnets are now being worn and hanging on refrigerators across the country!!!
Thank you Genentech, because of you we are Striking Out Stroke and saving lives!

Strike Out Stroke™ is a powerful campaign to combat stroke and its devastating effects. In cooperation with
Professional Baseball, SOS is a national campaign raising awareness about the warning signs and risks of stroke.

Strike Out Stroke Days are fun, impactual events presented at Major and Minor League stadiums, educating thousands of people about the symptoms of stroke through an increased awareness of the FAST concept.

Stroke Survivors and Caregivers are critical SOS Event partners in educating about stroke and its effects by telling their stories of recovery and demonstrating, by example, life after stroke. Here are but a few of the amazing people that have shared their stories:

Karen Dionne threw out the First Pitch for the Seattle Mariners
Strike Out Stroke Event. At age 37, Karen suffered a life threatening
stroke. Fortunately, her fiancée, now husband, Michael, recognized
her stroke symptoms and quickly sought emergency services. The
stroke left Karen without feeling on her entire left side, and she
had to re-learn to walk. With hard work and determination, she
was able to walk down the aisle for her wedding four months after
her stroke. Karen founded a support group for young adult stroke
survivors called Reclaiming Ourselves (
Ourselves), an online young adult stroke support group. Over
a thousand young adult stroke survivors from around the world
participate, providing peer support and encouragement for each
other’s successes. Karen states, “I don’t limit myself. Most of us let
the fear of not succeeding at something, hold us back from trying.
Keep pushing to the next finish line. There’s no end to our potential.”

Bill Allocca suffered his stroke three years ago
and as a result of FAST recognition of his symptoms
and immediate treatment, Bill functions today with no
physical, speech or cognitive disabilities. He recognizes
how blessed he is to have received timely treatment
and as a result is strong FAST education advocate and
volunteer. “I just believe in the cause .....if it wasn’t for
how fast my medical team helped me, I would not be
here!” Bill has participated in Stoke Awareness Walks,
Atlanta Braves Strike Out Stroke Events and he volunteers
at a Critical Care Stroke Center as a peer counselor for
new stroke survivors and their caregivers.

On Christmas Day, 2013, Kevin Sheehan, 49, suffered a
stroke. Family members recognized the symptoms of his stroke and
called 911. His stroke has left him with paralysis on his left side. Kevin
owns a landscaping company and is now back at work supervising
project installations and is in ongoing physical therapy. Kevin says “It is
all about hard work”. As one who loved to play softball and baseball
and as a baseball fan, Kevin was thrilled to have an opportunity to
throw out the first pitch for the Colorado Rockies SOS Event and to
educate baseball fans about the FAST symptoms of stroke.

And here s my favorite: Twins First Pitch Stroke survivor, Emma Friesen

In addition to major league baseball, there are numerous Strike Out Stroke™ events across the country in minor league communities. For more information, explore and be sure to “like” Strike Out Stroke™ on Facebook. For questions and interests in sponsoring a Strike Out Stroke™ event in your community, contact Larry Schaer, Associate Director at 1-866-688-5450 or Through working together, we can Strike Out Stroke! Strike Out Stroke™ is a division and registered trademark of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp.


May 4 Atlanta Braves
May 6 Pittsburgh Pirates
May 8 Texas Rangers
May 10 San Diego Padres
May 15 Minnesota Twins
May 17 New York Yankees
May 17 Colorado Rockies
May 24 Cincinnati Reds
May 30 Arizona Diamondbacks
May 31 Seattle Mariners
June 1 Chicago White Sox
June 14 Houston Astros
July 5 Anaheim Angels
July 13 Baltimore Orioles
August 14 Boston Red Sox
August 17 Washington Nationals
August 24 LA Dodgers
August 31 St. Louis Cardinals
September 4 Milwaukee Brewers

And, the list is still growing!

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