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September/October Camp Newsletter

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp
September/October 2014 Newsletter 

The mission of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp is to improve the quality of life for stroke survivors, caregivers, and families. This is accomplished through weekend retreats, as well as community stroke education and awareness events for the public.

From the Director's Corner 
Well, we have moved into our new office! Photos will be available in the newsletter link when it is added to our website   Click on the Media/News button and look for Newsletter in green type at the bottom. Keep in mind we're still a work in progress, but having everything under one roof is amazing. We have two large rooms that have been designated storage rooms. One is for long term storage (all those themed items and leftover crafts from the past several years) along with our logo-ware and adaptive bath items. The other storage room has our typical office supplies and such along with the things we will use for each camp season. It is a room where we can unload, restock, and get ready to reload for the next camp. 

Both rooms will get a face-lift during the off-season, which is getting shorter and shorter each year. We also have Lauren's open space office out front. There are three more private offices where Larry and I have chosen ours, and one additional office space that hasn't been identified yet. The suite wraps up with the huge room for our Chimers to rehearse as well as a place for our Board of Directors meetings. There's also a nice open space with a table and chairs for small meetings, lunch, etc. We have a little kitchen area and handicap restroom within the suite, as well. Outside there is a flat parking lot where we can pull up the van and trailer for loading with space to the back of the lot for long-term parking of those vehicles. (Mod Note: A flat parking lot is nice because now we can pull the trailer up to the door of the office without using a vehicle when it needs to be loaded. We don't need to hook it up to a vehicle to move it.)

While Lauren and I will take out the trash and such, I've designated John as our official custodian for the harder jobs. He loves to vacuum and clean things and will keep the space in top shape. So, thanks everyone for your support in helping make this happen. It took us a while but it is so worth the wait.
from the desk of Marylee Nunley Executive Director

Stroke Camp Cruise
Well we are getting some good results with reservations for our upcoming cruise that sails February 21st, 2015 from Port Canaveral Florida.  We will make stops in Cozumel Mexico and Nassau Bahamas before returning to Florida. The ship will dock at both stops which make it convenient for getting wheelchairs from the ship onto land. 

Thought I'd take just a bit of space to elaborate. Unlike camp, I won't be "in charge" of entertainment, activities and such on the cruise. The cruise line has that down to a science with lots of activities to enjoy on board, and optional tours on land. What John and I will be doing is relaxing and enjoying five days with some of the greatest people I've ever known. Three years ago we had about 60 people join us and we expect to exceed that this year. 

Our group will be seated together for dinner each night so we will have a chance to enjoy each other's company in the comfort of those who know and understand some of our challenges. We will enjoy the shows, activities, crafts, shopping and games that are available on board. Everything is optional, so if relaxing is your thing, that will be available, too. 

This cruise is not just for survivors and caregivers or folks who have been to stroke camp. It is for anyone interested in joining us. So, if you'd like to bring family or friends, feel free to join us for a great time. Johanna McCarty, a stroke camp volunteer, is handling the reservations and any questions you might have. She's a retired travel agent and helping us out so that we can cruise again. The flyer with dates and cost is posted on our website at (click on box with the picture of the boat bow to the right of the screen and below our advertisement for the "Now What?" DVD) or contact Johanna for more information at 217-246-2847. 

Strike Out Stroke(tm)
It has been a wonderful season for Strike Out Stroke(tm), kicking off May 4th with the Atlanta Braves and culminated September 10th with the Milwaukee Brewers, hitting 70 major league baseball games and several minor league games in between 

Our Strike Out Stroke(tm) staff has had the pleasure working side by side with Stroke Coordinators, Genentech representatives, stroke survivor groups, and community leaders while planning and executing all 19 different Major League Baseball Events across the country making this our biggest Strike Out Stroke(tm) season to date! 

It is always a humbling experience to witness the passion, care, and concern the caregivers and volunteers show to the stroke survivors. It is even more humbling and incredibly inspiring to meet and witness the strength, courage and progress from year to year of the stroke survivors. They are always willing to volunteer, greet the public and share their stories with grace, poise and energy. The Strike Out Stroke(tm) events would not be the same without our stroke survivor volunteers. They are the real heroes of Strike Out Stroke(tm).  It is for those survivors we are committed to continue the effort to create awareness nationwide and spread the F.A.S.T. message. We know that if we can educate more people to know the signs we will SAVE lives. We are all "first responders" when it comes to knowing the signs of stroke.

Would You Recognize a Stroke 
If You Saw One?
Learn the meaning of F.A.S.T.

 Survivor Spotlight 
David Loger had his stroke in December 2012. Prior to his stroke, he was on the Volunteer Hennepin Fire and Rescue Department for 21 years, and on the Volunteer Putnam County Ambulance as an EMT for 22 years. Since his stroke, he continues to attend the monthly meeting with the other volunteers of the fire department.

In July of 2014 David received the Larry Wilt Citizen of the Year Award, which is an award that is given to a person from Hennepin, Illinois in appreciation for his continuing civic service and for making Hennepin a better place to live. David has always been one of those people who does all that he can to help others.

While serving on the volunteer fire department / ambulance, he was also working full time at a wastewater treatment plant. Even when he was volunteering on the night shift, he would respond for a fire, ambulance call, accident, or to someone's home to help them, and went to his full time job with little to no sleep. Neighbors would frequently call him at all hours and ask for his advice and assistance.

David has come a long way since his stroke almost two years ago. He is still receiving physical therapy and working hard to someday walk without a cane. He has been walking primarily without a wheelchair for about a year. He looks forward to continued improvement and his message for other stroke survivors is: "Don't Give Up!"
 Do you know a stroke survivor or caregiver who should be featured in our next newsletter?
email: or call 866-688-5450.

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