Monday, May 25, 2015

Chime Strokers play Springfield!

By Monica Vest Wheeler
Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp Volunteer Staff 

Our Chime Strokers choir can make your heart and soul sing … any time anywhere.  I may have memorized most of their tunes, but I hear and learn something new every time I see them in action.

This unique "collection" of stroke survivors and caregivers bring magic to tone chimes and everyone in their audience. The simplicity, yet challenge, of the chimes give our survivors a brain workout beyond compare. I've witnessed so many amazing miracles at all of the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camps where the chimes have been brought into play. Yes, pun intended :-)

Our Chime Strokers, created nearly five years ago to promote a little education and a LOT of fun and friendship, went to Springfield recently to represent Stroke Camp when State Senator Dave Koehler bestowed an official proclamation recognizing Stroke Camp's contribution to the quality of life for stroke survivors and caregivers across the state and now the country. Our executive director Marylee Nunley was bursting with pride as always.

Our performers go way beyond the call of duty to give their time and energy to rehearsals and performances year-round. They are individuals whose lives have been deeply and profoundly affected by stroke: caregiver Monica Mugavero, caregiver Tony Ozella and survivor Pat Ozella, caregiver Ruthanne Scott and survivor Bob Scott, caregiver Carol Lee, and survivors Randy Randall, John Nunley, Dawn Robinson, Mert Berlett, Bill Hart, and Sue Johnson.

And none of this would be possible without the unwavering dedication, talent and pure love of co-directors and music therapists Susan Bock and Lauren Kramer. What they give of themselves can't be described in words.

Keep on eye on our Chime Strokers! You never know where they're going to perform next!

State Senator Dave Koehler & Stroke Camp Executive Director Marylee Nunley

Senator Koehler and survivor Mert Berlett

Senator Koehler and survivor Randy Randall

Senator Koehler and survivor John Nunley

Senator Koehler and caregiver Tony Ozella, and survivors Pat Ozella, Randy Randall and Sue Johnson

Senator Koehler and caregivers Monica Mugavero and Carol Lee, and survivor Dawn Robinson

Senator Koehler and Chime Stokers' co-director Susan Bock

Chime Strokers co-director Lauren Kramer

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  1. Thank you Monica. I am so proud to be a part of RRSC. We touch so many needed lives.


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