Sunday, September 27, 2015

Famous Stroke Survivors

The following is reproduced from the Strokewise website hosted by 
David Valiulis: 

I encourage you to visit his site as it contains a large quantity of interesting information.

Famous Stroke Survivors

Art Linkletter

Bette Davis

Bob Barker

Charles Schulz

Della Reese
Dick Clark

Ed Koch

Eli Wallach

Esther Williams

Evel Knievel

Frankie Muniz Reveals He Suffered a
Frankie Muniz

Gerald Ford

Helen Keller

Hugh Hefner

Isaac Hayes

James Cagney

James Garner

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

Kirk Douglas

Larry Flynt

Margaret Thatcher

Mark Kirk
(an article about his stroke)

Mark McEwen
(an interview with him about his stroke)

Mary Kay Ash

Patricia Neal

Pope Benedict XVI

Ray Bradbury
Sharon Stone

Ted Williams
Tim Curry

Typhoid Mary

Jill Bolte Taylor (her famous TED talk)

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