Sunday, May 8, 2016

Blink Twice If You Mean Yes

Last March you were introduced to Laura through her article titled "Personal Testimony of Laura T. Barnett". If you wish to review that article, click on the archive link for March at the right of your screen.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of her unpublished book, Blink Twice If You Mean Yes. 

by Laura T Barnett

 I find out much later from a speech therapist that I have a condition known as DYSARTHRIA. It differs from aphasia in that the muscles involved in speech have been affected by the stroke like the lips, tongue, diaphragm, etc.


Mike, Mom, and a nurse were talking to me. They were probably wondering how much of what they were saying reached me.

Mike began, “Now, Laura, we’re going to ask you some questions. Blink once if the answer is no, and twice if you mean yes.”

What a great idea! Now they’ll know that I understand what they’re talking about.

Mike asked, “Are my eyes blue?”

Trying to focus on them, I remembered that they were brown, and I blinked for no.

He asked, “Are they brown?”

I blinked twice for yes.

The nurse asked, “Is it 1981?”

I blinked once for no.

“Is it 1980?”

I blinked twice for yes, which was correct.

Now Mike asked, “Is Carter the president of the United States?”

This question, I had to think about. I blinked one time while thinking about it, and then one more time, which again was right.

Mike and Mom left to return to work. Two or three nurses began bombarding me with questions; to all of them I blinked correctly. Excitedly, one nurse exclaimed, “We’re going to post a sign by your bed! It will read, ‘Laura Barnett seems to understand everything!’”

Big deal.

Laura Barnett

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