Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Nurse and a Stroke Survivor - Part 2

Last week I posted an article on this blog about Teri Ackerson titled "A Nurse and a Stroke Survivor". Since then I have received an email from the American Stroke Association containing this video of Teri speaking about her experience. As you know, before her stroke she was a Stroke Coordinator at her local hospital. Because she acted FAST and was treated with the tPA clot busting drug she has very few deficits that can be caused by a stroke. In addition to being on the AHA’s Kansas City board of directors, Teri is also a member of the National Board of Directors of our newly formed United Stroke Alliance organization. Our Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp, which is the parent of this blog, is now a division our new organization along with Strike Out Stroke and our 5th grade education program.

If you will click on this link: Teri Ackerson Video you will be presented with her video.
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