Sunday, March 12, 2017

Miami, Florida Stroke Camp Continued

As I mentioned last week, in 2016, we did our first camp in Florida, ever, in May near Miami, Florida, at DelRay Beach. As promised, here is a look at some of the activities we did at that camp.

If you have friends near Miami, show them the link to this site:, so they can get a first hand opinion about our camp from someone they might recognize.

All camp items get from Peoria, Illinois to 
your site in this amazing vehicle.

We always like to start off the weekend with a drum circle.

We have serious sessions where survivors and caregivers discuss their experiences and emotions.

Then some fun time crafts

A little pampering

And our Saturday Night special party
We Love The 80's was the theme
for all of our 2016 camps 

A little dress up

And maybe a little Karaoke

And who can turn 
down a little dancing

Some of our camper couples haven't danced in quite a while.

Our last day ends with fun games guaranteed to make you laugh.

And we owe all of this to the wonderful volunteers who give of their time to enrich someone else's life, if for only one weekend.

And let us not forget our generous sponsors 
who helped make this possible.

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