Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stroke Camp 2016 - Miami, Florida

Good news. Our camping season has now begun for 2017. Last weekend, March 3-5, we had our first camp at The Resort on Mt. Charleston in Mt. Charleston, NV sponsored by St. Vincent Healthcare.

Last year, 2016, we did our first camp of the year in Iowa in April and our first camp in Florida, ever, in May near Miami, Florida, at DelRay Beach. Here is a look at who attended that Florida camp. If you have friends near Miami, show them the link to this site:, so they can get a first hand opinion from someone they might recognize.

Next week I will show you some of the fun time activities we did there. 

Operations Director Bonnie

Administration Director Cheri

On the Left,
Stroke Survivor and Camp Co-Founder John

On  the Right,
Camp Support Director Martha

On the Right,
Camp Co-Founder
and Camp Executive Director Marylee

On the Right,
Camp Crafts Director and 3,000 mile Van Driver

Florida Camp Music Therapist Sheri

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