Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Be Aware of Spammers

This is a message from me, your blog moderator:

Spammers have tried to spam this site to trick you into going to theirs. Every site on the internet has to combat "bottom feeders" like these. 

You will not be affected by visiting this site or by clicking on the links that are part of our articles or by reading the comments section, but you will be if you click on a link or email address that someone has included in their comment

This months specialty, in a comment submitted under the name of Jane Bush, is a Dr Johnson who has an herb that cures stroke.  This is a spam/scam attempt. DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

I want you to know this site will never approve any internet links or email addresses in the comments section. If you see a link or email address in the comments section that someone wants you to click on be assured it is a spam attempt.

 For your protection I now get an email every time there is a comment posted on this site. This gives me the opportunity to flag it and remove any spam attempts. The problem with this is that comments won't get posted until I have a chance to review them.

If you wish to leave a comment on this post please feel free and safe to do so. It won't get posted publicly for others to see if you tell me in your comment not to. Just don't include any of those nasty links. 

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