Monday, April 9, 2018

Turn to the people who've been there

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp

a division of United Stroke Alliance

by Support Network

Stroke recovery may feel like a lonely process. But the truth is, you're not alone. There are others going through many of the things you are, and they're ready to connect with you right now on our Support Network.

The Support Network is an online social community of survivors and family caregivers - plus experts from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. It's a place for sharing experiences, answers, expertise, emotional support and more.

As a Support Network member, you'll exchange milestones, setbacks, triumphs and insights. Find tips to solve your challenges. Post questions for our healthcare professionals to answer. Learn about managing your condition, making progress in your recovery, and feeding your spirit along the way. 

You're also invited to participate in forums, including our newest, MyAFibExperience®. It's a place to get the patient's perspective on atrial fibrillation and find out more about the link between AFib and stroke.

Now's the time to meet your new community. Join the Support Network free. Just click and enroll.
Editor Note: United Stroke Alliance and it's Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp division are not affiliated with American Heart Association, American, Stroke Association or Support Network. It is my personal choice to include today's reference to Support Network. I feel many of our readers could benefit from joining the Stroke Network site.

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