Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Care Partners Resource

United Stroke Alliance in partnership with Medtronic launched a new resource for Stroke Support Groups called The Booster Box. Included in the box is everything a leader needs to conduct a support group meeting for up to 24 attendees.

To receive your free Booster Box please call our office at 
309-688-5450 or email to request yours. 

Subscriptions will be available for purchase and information will be inside your free box.  

Show Me The Booster Box
I know this post is earlier than previous ones but I just got this wonderful email tonight from Lori Ramos Lemasters of Carepartners Resource. I want to pass it on to you before you gather with your family and/or friends tomorrow for Thanksgiving because I think it is very good advice for you survivors or caregivers. How many times have you heard: "If there is anything I can do to help, let me know." With her advice, you have a good chance of getting that help. 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Happy Thanksgiving from Care Partners Resource

Care Partners Resource

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

As you prepare for your Thanksgiving celebration I wanted to send a quick email to wish you blessings and happiness.
While you may be looking forward to the time with family and friends, holidays can also be difficult when your caring for a loved one. The added responsibilities of house guests, extra cooking or even getting your loved one to a family celebration can be a challenge. However, it is worth the time and extra energy to break out of the everyday routine and enjoy family, friends and food.
This Thanksgiving holiday I encourage each of you to take this opportunity to ask for a little help. It may seem like an odd time to discuss your needs but family gatherings are a great time to explain how things have changed, how you're feeling and that you would be grateful for a little help. Before you head out to that celebration or everyone shows up at your door take a minute and write everything you do in a day. Make copies and keep it handy and be prepared the moment anyone offers any help hand it to them and ask them to pick one item on the list.
If you have a tough time asking for or accepting help please watch this quick 10 minute Caregiver Tuesday Talk Outside the Box from my YouTube page:

I hope the tips in the video are helpful and if you need any other ideas or suggestions I'm only an email away.

Take good care and have a very happy Thanksgiving,

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