Sunday, April 19, 2020

Adaptive Equipment by Marylee

This post is going to be a bit different in that I'm only including a youtube link for a video. What you will see is our stroke camp director demonstrating adaptive equipment that will make many of your everyday kitchen chores a lot easier. 

Marylee, the founder and director of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp, a division of United Stroke Alliance, is the producer, director, camera operator, audio recorder, and lead actress of this video. 
She presented this, unrehearsed, before a live audience on the United Stroke Alliance Community Facebook page, and recorded it for your viewing

The amazing thing is, she did it all using her cell phone.

I know she enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy watching it as well, which you can do on your own amazing cell phone.

Click here---> Adaptive Equipment Video by Marylee

Available on Amazon
Dycem—Rolls, strips, and mats--$16-$28 range
Kitchwit Jar Opener (non battery) $9.95
One Touch—Can opener (battery operated) $19-$29
RoboTwist Jar Opener—Battery Operated $22-$24
EZ Under cabinet jar opener--$12-$15
Single handed cutting boards (regular and deluxe) $21-$70
Rocker knives—several models $12-$23
Rotary Egg Whisk--$5.00-$8.00

Items available from other vendors
Spill Not Jar and Bottle opener—Available from Performance Health $35.00
Buckingham Cool Hand—HSN, Walmart, CVS (do a Google search) $9-$15


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