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Strike Out Stroke(tm) 2015 Report

The following is reproduced from Jerry Shelsta's report to the RRSC Board of Directors. Jerry is our Director of Strike Out Stroke, a subsidiary of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp. As a refresher, since Arizona was the first SOS game this year, I thought I'd repeat their video from last year. Click here -->Arizona Diamondbacks 

Report to the Retreat & Refresh
Board of Directors

by Jerry Shelsta

The Mission of Strike Out Stroke is to educate the public about the symptoms of stroke and need for immediate medical treatment. This campaign promotes “FAST” (Face, Arms, Speech, Time), which is the nationally-accepted symptom awareness program for national stroke organizations, emergency medical providers and stroke centers. In the 2014 Strike Out Stroke Awareness Campaign, over 700 volunteers supported nineteen Major League Baseball Events which had a live audience of 622,000 fans. Including 50+ Minor League Baseball Events and fans and broadcast media (TV and radio), over 1.5 Million people were exposed to the FAST lifesaving message.

Strike Out Stroke™ is a national event-based campaign that designates one game in each selected market as “Strike Out Stroke Day.” Strike Out Stroke Management (SOSM) oversees all Events working with each market’s Local Organizing Committees (LOC) to provide direction, support, materials and media packages for the setup, promotion and execution of the Event. The LOC is made up of regional Comprehensive and Primary stroke centers, hospitals, first responders, rehabilitation centers, stroke survivors/caregivers and other stroke advocates.

SOSM makes all contractual arrangements with the Baseball Club including date selection; associated promotional and recognition rights; pre-game field activities and in-game broadcast recognition and digital signage.

In 2015 SOS is planning 22-26 Strike Out Stroke Events with Major League Baseball and developing local organizing committees in each of these markets across the United States. This type of national organizing entails extensive travel and experienced staff to manage and coordinate multiple events simultaneously. Additionally, the SOS Baseball Event is leveraged in each market to generate pre-event regional media attention to increase stroke symptom awareness messaging impressions.

Recognizing the work required executing the scope of work defined above; following are the key components of setting up each SOS City:

· Scheduling event dates and negotiations with Professional               Baseball Clubs
· Launching and training LOC’s in each market
· Event Management and Administration
· Travel
· Digital signage, and Public Relations Materials
· Social Media creation and support

Many of the dates and cities are confirmed for 2015. Following is a list of what is planned and what has been confirmed as of 14-April:
1 Anaheim 25-Jul 
2 Arizona 3-Apr
3 Atlanta 12-Sep
4 Baltimore 14-Aug
5 Boston TBD
6 Chicago White Sox 7-Jun
7 Cincinnati 13-May
8 Cleveland?? TBD
9 Colorado 23-May
10 Dallas 13-May
11 Detroit?? TBD
12 Houston 1-Aug
13 LA 12-July
14 Miami 23-May
15 Milwaukee 30-Jul
16 Minnesota 7-May
17 NY Yankees 9-May 
18 Oakland 29-May
19 Philadelphia TBD
20 Pittsburg 20-May
21 San Diego 25-Apr
22 San Francisco 15-Aug
23 Seattle 29-May
24 St Louis 28-Jun
25 Tampa Bay 30-Aug
26 Washington 19-July

How easy is it to save a life? How much easier is it to save thousands of lives? Every year 800,000 people suffer a stroke in the United States yet the general public does not recognize stroke symptoms. Strike Out Stroke was created to address this severe deficit in public awareness. Because of the ongoing support of the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp Board, millions of Americans will learn the simple but powerful, lifesaving message about the symptoms of stroke and how acting FAST to call 911 saves lives.

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