Sunday, May 13, 2012

Attention Volunteers

by Chuck Jones

Hey gang, this posting is for all you volunteers:

I've decided that if I wait until our camp volunteer schedule is complete it would never get sent, so now it is ready.  You each should have gotten a copy in your email. It has been quite the difficult task as we attempt to match our volunteers with their "gifts" and still try to be sensitive to schedules hoping there are no hurt feelings in the process.  There are still some gaps that we are working to fill and some new people we are planning to train.  As is typical, there will likely be some changes before we execute the camps.  Someone will get sick or have a family situation come up, but at least we'll have a working document and you can put some things on your calendars. The question marks that you will see in the spread sheet I emailed to you are things that are pending due to information we need from our sponsors which will be confirmed when we get final word from them.

For those of you who might not have heard, Monica Vest Wheeler and Roger Wheeler are donating a trailer suitable for transporting our equipment to camps when there are double camp weekends.  More on that later, but that's why you see the column in the spreadsheet designating Van or Trailer.

You may notice that the Murray, KY camp isn't listed.  It's because they have decided to merge with the other two hospitals and will now become the "Western, KY" camp.  You will also see a couple of MEGA Brain dates listed.  That is because they coincide with a camp weekend and we want to be sure we cover all the activities that are happening.

Our meetings in Florida went very well and there are three hospitals in the Sarasota area who will be talking about partnering to bring a camp to their area.  They were receptive to an October date if they can get the funding.

Please know that we greatly appreciate all that you do for the camp and for our survivors and caregivers.  What you are doing is amazing and as you know, we couldn't do it without you. 

Marylee and John

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