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Born Again - My Year is Going as Planned



The following is from the discontinued StrokeNet Newsletter site.
Moses Cherrington was a part of the Newsletter staff at that time. I have permission from Lin Wisman, then editor of the newsletter, to repost these wonderful articles on this blog. 
Born Again
By Moses Cherrington

Born Again for 2015

My year is going as planned.
What follows is the strategy I have decided to adopt in order to:-

A. Rise above my frailty, i.e. the frustrations of coming to grips with my difficulties, whereby the stroke has influenced my once independent life.

B. I am learning to walk in this risen state regardless of the obstacles hindering my pathway.

In order for the reader to understand my approach I have devised 4 areas, and by concentrating on these areas, may what I have decided nourish and build you at whatever station of life you are currently at..


Since being brought up in the Armed Forces as a musician, and having been taught that to enter the armed forces, one must attend a Basic Training. It is here that I learned to stand as a soldier, to march as a soldier, salute as a soldier, wear the uniform as a soldier. This is summarised as having "bearing" as a soldier.

I have discovered the handbook of my purpose and being. I have discovered the "Through the Bible - a study of the Scriptures" written by Harlin Roper. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God that the man/woman of God may be complete and perfectly fitted for Christian work" 2 Tim 3:16-17

I have found my frustrations getting less and less even though I still stub my foot: the computer still runs slower, and I do not have work. Before these frustrations would set me back as I dwelled upon them, but now I am becoming more and more bearable.

I am currently studying through the Book of Romans where I am being introduced to the Holy Spirit and His power within me.


I have not been able to work since I have had my stroke four years ago, due to the above frustrations which culminate in my stroke side influencing my daily life. When I get tired my mouth droops and my left side swells and fatigue, don't talk to me about fatigue.... I still get horribly tired which affects me for days after I have done an activity. For example, we have a neighbourly web site here where I can use this App to communicate to my neighbours to ask for a service or to borrow a piece of equipment.

I sought and was offered a water blaster. I learned how to use it. It is very addictive. I have cleaned the outside of the house, I have cleaned all the walls that encircle the house, and last but not least, I have cleaned our cement driveway. To do this I used an electric water blaster so I had to make sure we had the right length of hose at the right water pressure. I learned to be meticulous in where I placed the machine strategically. The hose would disconnect itself from the machine if I pulled too hard, yes I grew in the art of overcoming frustration through persevering.

As a result, my children bought a water blaster for me for Christmas, and I have just completed water blasting a community centre and kindergarten. That took four days at 2-3 hours per day.

Yes I was tired but I didn't have the usual symptoms of fatigue. Of course I rested periodically during the water blasting. My greatest joy was seeing what was dirty and grubby becoming pristine and clean. It is like the soul being "born again".


I have three children (12, 15, 17) at home and they have expressed a desire to grow into the Image of Christ. I have been undertaking a Bible Study at 6am each morning around the dining table with weekends off, whereby using the Bible Studies by Harlin Roper we are all learning how to imitate CHRIST by knowing Him. I have noticed especially with my youngest one that she is developing an air of nobility every day.
If I can quote from the preface in Jim Berg's book "Changed into His Image" from a letter he wrote to his daughter:

"I have told you before that your mother and I will probably not be able to pass on to you any kind of earthly inheritance. If we can pass on to you a passion for God, however, we will have given you something more valuable than silver, gold, or rubies and more satisfying than anything a mortal can experience...Our prayer is that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished as for a palace (Psalm 144:12) page ix
Love dad.

That has inspired me to be the best for our children


I have found that with my Armed Forces training, I would run the home like an army unit. I am learning that I must temper my commands with grace and goodness. The concept of a spiritual greenhouse has been communicated to me, so I now see my role and responsibility as a gardener.

I do not possess those skills, but as I daily dwell upon Scripture and apply its principles at home where areas of no compromise are developing. For example if a musician says they can play, but I hear no practising, I stipulate practise using little spiritual lessons to convey the art of perseverance. My desire is to develop that attribute within an individual.
I have also learned to listen to my wife. By listen, I mean to actually listen to what she has to say before I open my mouth. I have developed the "bit" technique; this is where I use my teeth to clench the tongue between the upper and lower teeth until my wife has shared with me. That is a discipline I am practising every day and she is far happier in sharing with me the issues of life.

In Summary,

Apart from being very, very hot here in Hamilton (averaging 80 degrees fahrenheit,) the beginning to the year has been one of discovery through being born again. Discarding the old and putting on the new. I am discovering the thrill of not being frustrated at those things that once frustrated me. In addition I am learning to hold my tongue and to listen. I am learning that my household is a spiritual garden and I must tend the garden daily.

I am learning to think through work activities that require forward planning, and when I use it I squeal with delight in having mastered a thinking process.
May you find some answers to some issues you may currently facing and remember there is someone worse off than we are.

I was invited to a birthday party to a lady who had a stroke 10 years ago. She has an electric wheelchair and was married 6 months ago. Her husband has had his legs amputated due to diabetes. It was good to see them to uplift them.
We are here to nurture and serve...

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