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Living Options for Seniors


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Living Options for Seniors

How to Make the Right Decision for You

Living options are more plentiful for seniors than ever before; many older adults find that they’re able to stay in their own home and age in place rather than moving to an assisted living facility, while others want to age in community with like-minded adults. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot to think about if you’ve been recovering from a stroke, including how to budget for living costs, whether to sell your current home or rent it out, and how to make your place more accessible and

Now is the Time to Start Planning

You need plenty of time to weigh your options, prepare for a possible move, and figure out what your next step should be. With such big decisions knocking at your door, it’s important to have a support system in place, so talk to your loved ones to get their opinions and help. This is a great way to reduce stress and make the process go a bit smoother. 

Learn About the Housing Market

The housing market fluctuates quite often, so it’s imperative to get familiar with where it is currently in your area if you’re ready to buy and/or sell. Take a look online to find out the the details about the market details about the market, such as what the average down payment is, update trends, how much homes are going for in your desired neighborhood, and what you might expect to get from your current home. This will not only help you budget if you’re going to downsize, but it will also help you figure out what buyers are looking for so you can make a quick sale.

Consider Accessibility

No matter where you choose to live as an older adult, it’s imperative to consider your home’s accessibility and make sure it’s safe and secure. Think about where your health will be a few years down the road; if you have another stroke, are injured or become sick and mobility is a factor, will you be able to navigate your home safely? Stairs, outdoor steps, and certain types of flooring can quickly become fall hazards for seniors. If you know you want to downsize, you might look for a home that already has accessibility features in place, such as wider doorways and open space to allow for equipment like a wheelchair. If you’re aging in place, you’ll want to 
make at least a few simple modifications to ensure your continued good health. Keep in mind that the average national cost for these modifications is approximately $9,000, though that number can go up or down depending on how much work your home requires.

Consider Assisted Living

These days, there are many different types of assisted living options for older adults. Whether you need home health care, a facility that will help you with daily tasks, or a community where you can remain independent but living among other seniors, there are plenty of choices depending on your needs. Think about your budget, and take a look at your healthcare plan to see if it will help cover the cost of any of these options.

Think About Renting Out Your Home

For many seniors, the cost of downsizing is the thing that makes them wary. However, it’s best not to wait to make a move, as you never know what state your health will be in — in fact, waiting might make things more difficult on you. If cost is a major factor, think about renting out your current home so you’ll have a source of income. Ask a friend or family member to help you set it up; it may take a bit of work to make repairs or updates that will attract renters. 

Making the Right Choice for your Needs

Making the right choice for your needs when it comes to senior living can be a challenge, so think about which option will benefit you the most. Talk to your loved ones during the process so you can get their feedback and support, and give yourself plenty of time to make decisions.

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