Sunday, February 19, 2012

Camp Day Three - What Goes On At Camp Anyway

Day Three - Sunday

Sunday, just like Saturday, starts off with a wake-up call at 7am and breakfast at 8.

Following breakfast, around 9 o'clock, we have what we call Affirmation. It's an informal, 45 minute, non-denominational religious service conducted by the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp staff themselves. You are not required to attend but we offer it as an option for those who like to attend a worship service on Sunday mornings. This has typically been an emotional gathering as survivors and caregivers along with staff and volunteers share their thoughts about God in their lives, how their lives have been influenced by being a part of this camping experience, and encourage and uplift one another with their individual stories.

At 9:45 or so we start what we call the All Camper Games which is a team competition where we divide you campers up into groups to compete with funny and unusual tasks. Your first task as a team is to come up with a good name for yourselves and then make a poster that best describes your group. This one, since the theme for this particular camp was the 1960s and the Beatles,  was inspired by the song Yellow Submarine.

Here are a few of the ridiculous 
things that you will voluntarily do. 

Then, after all these fun and games and a short break to regain your dignity you will participate in another fabulous drum circle led by our music therapist.

The drum circle is really one of the highlights of the camp and campers will get to participate at least twice during the weekend.

After a short break we'll get back together for lunch and a few announcements before we bid adieu. But, before you go, make sure you get the handout that has your picture we took earlier in the weekend along with a list of all your new camper friends and contact information.

Well, that's it for this weekend except for all the hugs and farewells and safe trip wishes as we fly back to our homes. The coming years will have many more camps and you can attend any and all of them, if you choose. You don't even have to wait for a camp in your area. You are welcome to attend any camp we have in the nation. We haven't gone international yet but who knows, interest is growing and we could be anywhere.


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