Sunday, February 12, 2012

Camp Day Two - What Goes On At Camp Anyway

Day Two - Saturday

This is a busy, fun day where a lot gets accomplished. Wake-up call is at 7am and the first thing on the agenda is a good hot breakfast at 8am. Breakfast, as well as every other meal at camp begins with the music therapist leading us in a song of grace and ends with music and a funny skit performed by the volunteers. And again, the volunteers will assist the survivors with getting their meals for the day so you caregivers can enjoy yours knowing they're well taken care of.

After breakfast, activities begin with a forty-five minute educational session at 9am and another at 9:45. We usually have three to four speakers so there are two back-to-back sessions to allow everyone to hear more than one of the speakers. Past topics have ranged all the way from stroke awareness to wind farms to aroma therapy.

After the last education session is a couple of hours of free time. Actually, it's pamper time, where you may do a  craft, be pampered with manicures, massages, foot baths, Wii computer games, fishing and other fun stuff. Don't worry, you won't be bored. Or you can just sit around and visit, but I know you're not going to want to do that 'cause that other stuff is just way too much fun. And, caregivers, you don't have to worry about looking after your survivors or vice versa because volunteers are there to attend to everyone. Then, free time leads right into lunch around noon and you're eating again.

After lunch there will be crafts and games and fishing followed by another discussion group similar to the one you participated in yesterday and, of course, dinner. By the end of the weekend some get the feeling that all we do is eat but that's because the days go so fast it just seems that way. 

Saturday's are special because it's theme night. It is an evening of themed events where you are appropriately costumed and entertained according to your camp's theme. Past camp themes have been magic, cowboy, 1960's, and Academy Awards. We'll be dreaming up new ones for future camps.

One year the theme was cowboys,

another was the 1960's theme where we did the Ed Sullivan Show and the Beatles.

I don't know what future themes will be but we like it to be a surprise, anyway.

Oh, did I mention that we work some Karaoke in there, too? LOL. You'll love it!

Then, there's some more free time after the evening's themed event to help you wind down before bed time.

That's pretty much it for Saturday but then every camp takes on its own personality so almost anything can happen. 


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