Sunday, December 22, 2013

Starting Christmas Eve

Starting Christmas Eve I will begin posting a series of articles written by Monica Vest Wheeler. As many of you know, Monica is very active with our stroke camp and with Alzheimers sufferers. She is also an accomplished writer with several books in publication. I am  personally excited to see what she has to say in the upcoming weeks. I would also like to get offerings and ideas from the rest of you that I can interleave with Monica's future articles.

This blog has been in operation since December 2011. There have been 110 articles posted in that time and a page view count of over 17,600.

As blog moderator I have run out of ideas as to what to post next. What would you like to see or see more of? You can respond here by Comment or go to our Contacts link and use one of the contact methods listed there to submit your ideas.

Thank you for your readership this far and I hope we can continue with some thought provoking and interesting articles.

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