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Part 1 of 3 Through The Eyes of a Daughter

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Before you begin this series I need to inform you that I have an Android tablet with 4.4 os and I was unable to get the videos to play. However, I was able to play them on my laptop PC. 
Through the Eyes of a Daughter - Part 1 of 3

Editor's Comment: On September 22, 2014, Amy's dad, Bob, had a stroke due to blood clots in major arteries. The following timeline traces his recovery progress, courage, and resolve through his daughter's eyes from July 24, 2014 through February 5, 2015. It will take you from where he is barely able to move to where he is walking on his own without a cane. A remarkable journey.

Amy is a Stroke Program Manager and Physical Therapist at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska and is a Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp volunteer at the RRSC camps near Lincoln, Nebraska.

July 24, 2014

"Date night with my dad and Little Big Town!" - Amy

September 22 2014
"Not sure where to start...first of all my family appreciates all your support & prayers. Dad is fairly alert & oriented, is stable from a medical perspective but still is unable to move his right arm or leg, has difficulty speaking and unable to swallow. As a stroke program manager & PT I see patients with similar struggles everyday but nothing prepares you for it to happen to someone so close to you let alone my healthy, active, water skiing, bike riding, motor coach driving, sports loving Dad. The next 36 hours will be critical to his long term rehab & recovery. Many of you have offered to help & we so appreciate that. The best way to help is through your prayers. My mom is so incredibly strong but she will need our support too in the coming weeks/months. Thanks everyone!" - Amy

September 24
“Life can change in an instant. Live every day to the fullest.” - Amy

"Well my dad is showing how determined he is this morning. He sat up, stood & walked to the sink to brush his teeth & then to the bathroom with a wheeled walker & assistance. Next step on to Madonna later today hopefully to continue his rehab journey! God is good! Keep the prayers coming. Dad can feel them helping.

The OT is great! I know her personally & when dad started to take steps she just said "ok let's go Bob" & helped him walk to the sink! It was awesome! He's so determined!

He has maybe trace grasp at times...he has some increased tone we noticed today. He is moving his right leg more today too."

September 25
"Madonna is starting to work miracles! Bob has been moved to room 126."

September 26
"So impressed by Dad's strength, determination & courage! What a difference 5 days has made...thank you for your continued thoughts & prayers...

Way to go Dad!!! We love you."

"Bob is now receiving very aggressive therapies that consume most of his mornings and afternoons. I am also encouraged to attend. Visitors are welcome after 6:30 pm. Room 126".

"He had a special visitor today!"

September 27
"We all went up to see Bob this afternoon! He's looking so good! So proud of him!"

September 29
"Happy 65th birthday Dad! We have so much to be thankful for & celebrate today. Dad is making great progress in all his therapies. What a difference a week can make. His brother Russ came to visit. Tonight we brought in Valentino's pizza & pasta and had cake for his birthday. We're so proud of you Dad! Keep up the good work."

"So many emotions this past dad had a stroke, I volunteered at Stroke Camp in Ashland & today I was honored to attend the 20th annual Madonna Goal Awards where we celebrated the amazing stories of patients who overcame so many challenges on their journeys back to independence. I sat there thinking back on all my family & I have been through this week & felt a sense of peace knowing my dad WILL get better thanks to the amazing staff & technology only available at the place where miracles happen every day & I am blessed to get to work, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. Thanks also to all the stroke survivors & caregivers who attended Stroke Camp last weekend & once again reminded me how important it is to raise awareness & continue to pursue treatments & technologies to help those living with stroke. You all are truly amazing & inspiring!"

Editor's Note: Please check back next week to see where Amy takes us as Bob goes from here to further recovery.

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