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Part 2 of 3 - Through the Eyes of a Daughter

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Through the Eyes of a Daughter - Part 2 of 3

October 2 
"Dad is working so hard! He's walking with a tripod cane & a brace for his R leg with minimal assistance, transfers with minimal assistance, continues to eat well & is progressing with his speech & language. All very positive signs!"

“Just picked Buddy up at his favorite doggie daycare. He was muddy from playing with all his friends. We went to the doggie scrub and got a bath before visiting Bob!” – Debi Cruiz

October 4
"Dad may get tired of his PT daughter the next few months! So proud of him. Look at him go today!"

October 6
"Dad in the EKSO (robotic walking device) today! So fortunate to have access to the amazing technology & highly skilled clinicians at Madonna. Thanks for all you are doing for Dad!

October 8
"Lots of 'firsts' again today! Dad had his first body weight support treadmill session in the morning & then went home to Wahoo this afternoon for a home visit with the OT who specializes in home assessments & can make recommendations for any modifications or equipment that may be needed to enable dad to be as independent as possible at home. We found out this week after only 2 weeks of acute rehab dad may be doing "too well" in the eyes of the insurance reviewers so he may have to be prepared to transition home sooner than expected which puts a lot of stress & worry on mom & dad. He will continue with therapy several times per week at Madonna in the Rehab Day Program. Please continue to pray we are able to get at least another week or two of intense inpatient rehab at Madonna. Dad is in a very critical window right now for brain reorganization & recovery & the research shows the more intense therapy is now the better the outcome. Why don't insurance companies see more than the bottom line?"

October 20
"Dad had a follow up visit with the vascular surgeon today to see if he will be able to do surgery on the right carotid artery that is approx 90% blocked to restore blood flow to the brain. Unfortunately, he told dad the left middle cerebral artery is still 100% occluded (blocked) & that is the main blood supply to the motor cortex portion of the brain that controls right hand & arm function so he will most likely not regain full (functional) use of his right arm. Needless to say this was very hard for dad to hear & he is real discouraged now. A carotid endarterectomy surgery is scheduled for the morning of Nov 4th. I'm so scared he's going to give up. I wish I could make his arm move more. He is so fortunate to be doing as well as he is. It could have been so much worse, but to dad it's the worst it could be. My expertise & experience tells me to keep the faith & remain hopeful as we know so much more today than we did even 5-10 years ago about how the brain repairs and reorganizes itself with continued therapy & practice. Please continue to pray for my dad & family. Thank you!!"

October 22
"Dad had a better day today thanks to the amazing therapists & technology at Madonna. I can't imagine how hard this is for you, but you have come so far & you will keep getting better. Way to go!

Just one more...he even did it with a cane! So proud of you dad!"

"…he cried tears of joy today. God is good!"

"My family and I are so grateful for the top notch care dad has received at Madonna. There are so many hidden blessings that have come & will continue to come out of this difficult situation. Thanks to all our family, friends & Madonna family for your ongoing support & prayers."

October 25
"Dad is moving his arm!!!! So proud of his hard work & determination. God is good!"

November 2

Editor's Note:
This is progress! However, as you saw October 20, he is still facing some surgery. Come back next week to see the rest of Bob's story.

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