Sunday, October 18, 2015

Strike Out Stroke Survivors


Teaching Stroke Awareness is Strike Out Stroke's Mission and celebrating stroke survivors tenacity and determination is a driving force in educating the public about this devastating disease.

Putting a human face on stroke is a goal of SOS. Who are the people afflicted by Stroke and what does it take to recover? How does stroke impact a survivor and their family? 
What kind of outcomes do stroke survivors face for their lives? 

Strike Out Stroke Events select outstanding candidates to represent the gender, age and ethnic diversity of stroke survivors as well as the multiplicity of outcomes and to represent the drive that moves stroke victims from personal adversity to social advocacy.

The life stories are inspirational, touching baseball fans to rally to advocate in their own lives and social circles.

Survivors ....walk, limp and roll onto the field proud of their recovered abilities....they demonstrate that young people and children, black, brown, white and yellow have strokes ....and with hard work the human spirit will recover, revive, recreate a new spirit in a stroke survivor! They all deserve to be uplifted and CELEBRATED!



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