Sunday, September 23, 2018

Want To See A Camp In Action?

United Stroke Alliance in partnership with Medtronic is launching a new resource for Stroke Support Groups called The Booster Box. Included in the box is everything a leader needs to conduct a support group meeting for up to 24 attendees.

To receive your free Booster Box please call our office at 
309-688-5450 or email to request yours. 

Subscriptions will be available for purchase and information will be inside your free box.  

Show Me The Booster Box
This may look like a very short blog article but if you click on the link below you will get an eight minute slide show that I made of the Rockford, Illinois Stroke Camp the weekend of August 24-26. Eight minutes may sound like a long time but you will be so captivated by it you won't even notice it. If you've ever wondered what it is that we do at a camp, this is your chance to find out. This year our theme is Stroke Camp Island Getaway.


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