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Georgia has been a valuable, active member of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp since it's beginning. She has also participated in many other of United Stroke Alliance's activities, especially as an active volunteer at our camps.
Now take a look at Georgia’s story.

My husband, Larry and I attended the first stroke camp in 2004 as a stroke survivor and caregiver. We enjoyed the camaraderie of being with other survivors and caregivers. It was a phenomenal life changing weekend. The next year we volunteered so we could encourage other survivors and caregivers. The difference I saw in my husband after one of those weekends showed that his life had a purpose. We decided this was our new mission in life. We took a negative experience of Larry’s stroke and made it a positive.

After my family saw our enthusiasm for camp, it quickly became a family affair. In 2008 our youngest daughter, Cheri, joined the staff of volunteers and experienced how camp impacted our lives. Even though Larry is not with us anymore, another daughter and her daughter (our granddaughter) have started volunteering at camps too. In addition, my son-in-law serves as President for the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp Advisory Board. One life changing weekend led to three generations of volunteers.

Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp is a family mission that has improved all of our lives. We continue volunteering in Larry’s honor because we hope that other stroke survivors and caregivers will find joy, fulfillment, and a purpose as well. Larry would be very proud of our family and pleased to know of the growing list campers who attend camp.

At the end of a camp weekend I am exhausted but inspired and proud that I have the opportunity to share and give hope to at least one attendee, if not many more. I go home grateful for this opportunity.
Editor's Note: If you are curious about camp, go to and look toward the top right of your screen and you'll see printed in red: What Goes On At Camp, Camp Preparation, Day One At Camp, Day Two At Camp and Day Three At Camp.

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