Sunday, May 9, 2021

Do You Know How To Recognize A Stroke?


How many of you know how to recognize the symptoms of a stroke and know what to do? Maybe you've seen our acronym:


We even have BE-FASTER! copyrighted and it is a registered trademark owned by United Stroke Alliance.

We show it a lot to help people remember what the majority of symptoms are. Do you know what the letters represent?

To help you know and understand what BE-FASTER! means we have created and made available in the USA an app, free of charge, for Android and Apple devices. These apps do not collect, store or download any information on or from your phone.  

Google Play Store(click here --> BE-FASTER! This should take you right to our Android version for downloadng.) If this doesn't work, go to the Google Play store and use the search outlined below.

Apple's Apple Store: (You have to use their store app and use the following search. Apple doesn't have a direct link to it.)  

Search for these letters, BE-FASTER! on the store of your choice. Include the dash and the exclamation point to make sure you find it, and download it to your device. With this always available to you on your device you won't be under pressure to remember all those letters.

Each letter and its symptom on the screen is a button that when tapped will give further explanation of that symptom.

Once a stroke begins to present itself, BE-FASTER! and dial 911 immediately - the more time that is wasted, the more functioning a stroke survivor could lose as a result of the loss of 1,900,000 brain cells a minute. As described above, BE-FASTER! represents the majority of the signs of stroke. Most people in America do not know the signs and do not respond quick enough to receive early treatment to minimize post stroke challenges. One or more of these symptoms could indicate a stroke. And especially if multiple symptoms are present.  

United Stroke Alliance recognizes that each year 700,000 Americans suffer a new or recurrent stroke. Approximately 543,000 survive the stroke, many experiencing significant physical limitations as well as emotional and cognitive challenges. For almost everyone, the stroke was not a planned or wanted event. In fact, 80% of Americans that experience a stroke do not respond quick enough because they did not know the signs of stroke. It struck without notice and changed the lives of the family forever.

According to Monroe Clinica national survey commissioned by Ronald Reagan, UCLA Medical Center revealed the startling findings that 75 percent of respondents under age 45 are unaware of, or underestimate, the signs and symptoms of a stroke. Because of this they do not respond quick enough to reduce the effects of the stroke. The web site states the same thing.

With this app, we hope to improve the awareness. Please use it and let your family and friends be aware of it. They could save your life.

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